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Monday, June 20, 2011

Know More Blood Thinner

If you have heart disease or varicose veins, chances are you have a risk of blood clots. Because the heart of the sick are usually less able to pump blood strongly. As a result, blood flow will slow. This sort of thing increases the chances of "blood clot" in the liver. Blood clotting is affected by varicose veins in your legs also can slow blood flow, thus allowing the occurrence of "blood clot" as well.

If you are injured, certain proteins in the blood type is commonly called blood clotting factors, will work with beads of red blood for blood freeze. Blood clotting or coagulation is often called the function to protect you from the possibility of excessive bleeding (hemorrhage).

Anticoagulants will work with the way the factors of "change" freezing, their interaction, or both. Thus, anticoagulation would reduce the ability to freeze the blood. Or more simply known as blood thinners. Anticoagulation is what will help prevent blood clotting.

Who Needs It ?

If you go to the doctor, the doctor will usually prescribe blood thinners if you experience abnormal heart rhythm (irregular), called atrial fibrillation. The situation in which the heart beats irregularly, and may increase the risk of stroke. Why is that ? Because blood has been frozen seems to form a space (space) in your hearts.

Then, free and go to the brain.

Also, if you have an "artificial heart valves." Blood clotting is a "complication" is very common, and cause of death in those who live by depending on an artificial heart valve.

If you include those with heart valves of metal or plastic, then you will need ongoing blood thinners.

If you suffer from heart valve disease, then you also need blood-thinning medication. Heart valves that have been narrowed down to enlarge or shrink the actual space of the heart behind it, so it is this which can cause blood to clot. If the clot is broken and moved to the brain, then this would be dangerous for you. The possibility of emigration is a blood clot to the brain, can occur between 10 to 20 percent

in those with rheumatic heart disease.

Also in people with hardening of the blood of patients (atherosclerosis). In those who suffer from atherosclerosis, which resembles a fat deposition can accumulate in the arteries, and causes the cork or the formation of plaque.

If the plaque in diseased arteries damaged, blood clotting can occur.

Furthermore, if the clot inhibiting and blocking the blood flow in the arteries, then heart attack or stroke will occur.

Blood clots can also cause what is called unstable angina, or sudden heart attack. If you are having a heart attack, then you have the risk to have a "blood clot" for several weeks.

The older you are, or more often a heart attack occurs, the greater your risk of blood clots in the heart or blood vessels in the legs.

Inflammation and clotting in blood vessels (tromboplebitis), also in desperate need of blood thinners. The disorder can occur, because the break was too long in bed can cause this tromboplebitis. If the veins are also infected, then the blood clot can break off and move to the lungs (pulmonary embolism


Types of Blood Thinner

Blood thinners are most widely used among others Heparin. Heparin contains a type of protein called fibrinogen, which is one of the substances needed for the formation of blood clots. While the lump is formed, fibrinogen is converted into a network like a spider's web, called fibrin, which will bind the clumps.

Heparin works by "slow" or "block" the development of blood clots, which prevents the clotting fibrin.

Warfarin contain vitamin K, which helps blood clotting. Warfarin is used orally will be able to block the activity of vitamin K

, so that the proteins necessary to freeze the blood becomes inactive.

In addition, aspirin is also used. How it works to prevent blood grain activity.

Beads of blood is part of the circulating blood cells and helps the formation of clots in areas where there is injury or bleeding.

Aspirin can also help prevent blood clots associated with "heart attack" or angina, coronary artery bypass surgery, stroke, or transient ischemic attack (stroke warning signs


Side Effects and Warnings

Although blood thinners is "defense" is pretty good against the complications of blood clotting, but there are risks. A tendency to bleed in a "side effect" of the use of Heparin or Warfarin


But please note, that aspirin can also cause internal bleeding.

However, during the dose in accordance with the instructions, then the risk is very small.

Aspirin rarely cause severe bleeding. Aspirin or a similar compound (ibuproven

) are not usually used in conjunction with other blood thinners, because it can increase bleeding.

Diet, alcohol, and certain drugs can affect the blood-thinning benefits. So, if your doctor prescribes blood thinners, make sure you ask this problem.

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