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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do not Wait Thirst for Drinking Water !

Basically, humans can live without food up to forty days. But without a drink, most only lasts four days. Of course such a condition in an emergency. And not done as often as possible. In ordinary circumstances, should not have to wait for thirst to drink. Like the earth, our bodies were a majority made up of water. Lack of water is continuously, although only slightly, can cause the organs in the body we will experience dysfunction.

All body functions start from some body of water consumed. Lack of water will cause some disruption, because most of the organs of the body consists of water. In the human body, lungs, consisting of 90 percent water, blood 82 percent consists of water, the skin consists of 80 percent water, muscles 75 percent consists of water, the brain is 70 percent composed of water, and bone 22 percent consists of water.

If our bodies are short of water two percent, it will can cause lethargy and various symptoms of fatigue, four percent will result in joint pain and sore muscles, resulting in excessive sweating six percent, eight percent resulting in hallucinations, and ten percent can result in fainting. 

Then how do I measure the water needs of a person ? Simply put, in adults with normal activities, requires about two liters of water a day, or about eight glassesBut that amount does not include coffee or tea or other colored drinks. Even if someone drinks coffee or tea is more than two cups, then have to drink more water. Why is that ? Because drinking coffee or tea are diuretics, which increase the desire to defecate.

Along with the increased activity, the need for water also increased. Some causes of dehydration in people with active exercise including athletes is because of lack of fluid intake, excessive perspiration, the body's failure to replace fluids (ions of the body) that is lost during and after exercise, and drinking habits only when it comes time to thirsty (thirst). Until eventually we lack body fluids, and there is no substitute for the missing body ions.

For that, make it a habit to drink water as the fulfillment of the best hydration before you feel thirsty. Included also during exercise. There are some simple ways we can do to monitor the need for hydration during exercise. For example, by weighing the body before and after exercise, and observe the color and volume of urine. If the urine is light colored, then it's well hydrated. But if the urine is dark yellow, it means you are dehydrated.

Every time you lose weight, such as two percent of your weight, then try to drink water. But if your weight increases after exercise, there is a chance you too much to drink.

But remember, no sports, not everyone takes the form of isotonic fluids or sports drinks on the condition of normal activity. Someone need sports drinks if you do sports activities for more than two days, intense exercise such as cycling, running, and others.

Water is also really useful as endurance. If you do not want to be sick, then try to always meet the needs of around eight glasses of water every dayImmunity produced by the body. The body consists of 70 percent waterSo if there is no water, then the immune system would not exist. Including when a fever, let alone children. One way we have to do is to provide water to help strengthen the immune system.

It is ironic to get sick if only because of lack of drinking. Though drinking is very easy. Especially those who do not want to drink just because lazy urination. If you already suffer from kidney, then feel that urination is something to be grateful.

When pregnant and lactating women also need extra water about 300-400 cc every day beyond the two-liter (eight glasses) of water at ordinary people. While in women who are breastfeeding, it takes about 700 cc of water as an extra.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Do not Let Eye We Being Tired !

Rays entering through the cornea and transmitted by the lens onto the retina, which is located behind the eye. Optic nerve carries information about the objects we see it from the retina to the brain. Four small muscles to move their eyes their duties according to our needs.

The eyes are like camera work automatic. Rays are coming from the object into the eye through the lens. The lens is very flexible and will be moved by small muscles, so that the shadows of objects precisely centered in the back of the eye.

Iris (iris of the eye) location was in front of the lens. His job is not much different as the camera diaphragm, which prevents the amount of light entering the eye. While in the back of the eye is the retina, which is a collection of nerve fibers that can transmit messages to the brain. The message is usually a number and color of the incoming rays.

The retina is actually not much different as the film in a camera. The most sensitive part of the retina is called the fovea, which was situated in the center of the retina. When you see an object, the shadow of an object is focused on the fovea, so that these objects can be clearly seen.

Like the camera, the eyes also have to be really precise proportions. Once off one millimeter closer or more distant, the shadows of these objects can not be centered properly on the retina. The accuracy of these actually have to be really awake since humans are born (when the eye length is about 14 millimeters) to adulthood (when the eye length is approximately 24 millimeters).

Daily Disturbance In the Eye

As a gift, a very vital organs for humans is often lack of reasonable attention. The things that cause the eyes disturbed often ignored. In fact, without eyes, life is a narrow and torture. Have you heard the story of Helen Kehler famous ?

Disturbance, for example, in determining the distance reading. In order not hurt the eyes, read a healthy distance is approximately 30 centimeters. In addition, at the time of reading, lighting should also be sufficient and adequate. But usually precisely this sort of thing that often do most people.

Unfortunately, since little things like that too often condoned by parents. When adult, the child would suffer. Because, chances are he has to wear glasses or even have surgery. Too bad if the eye becomes blind.

Another bad behavior is the time to watch television. A good distance is about 3 meters. But, in reality, not a few children who watch television a distance of only 1 meter course, even closer. Especially when I'm busy playing games.

When using or playing computer games, eye health was often overlooked (less attention). And also, to see distant objects, objects or object that you want to see really can not be longer than 6 feet. But even this is often violated.

Beginning of the disturbance caused by some bad behavior is the occurrence of fatigue in the eye. Unfortunately, even then not receive appropriate attention. In fact, a lot of eye medications are available at pharmacies or shops.

My advice, provide eye drops in the medicine cabinet. Because the eye drops were very helpful to treat tired eyes. For example, after after swimming, long trips, after reading the book, or after watching television in a long time, and others.

Remember guys, do not let our eyes in a state of exhaustion. Because, if we leave too often or often we let it, it can lead to eye health disorders are more serious.You do not want, right ?

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